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fascism is the american dream by roofy fascism is the american dream by roofy
somthing i made to get back into the swing of things...havent posted in a while
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mpeyton Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2006
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

1984 brought to life.
Potenzexpert Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2006
One day, when we'll have some chance to think about fascism and totalitarianism, we'll understand that, unlike what History Channel may keep reminding us of, fascism wasn't specific to Hitler or Stalin.
orinsul Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006   Writer
one should point out more so that america is Nationalist in such an extend as was europe during the Fascist states of the 1930s
and that isn't a description of Fascism, thats totalarianism, Fascism is National Socialism, a state run in the interests of National Unity, National Welfare, Centralised Power, Cult of the Personality and the struggle, Fascism can co-exist with peace, unions, free press and democracy, some could argue more so than modern capitalist 'democracy'.
Ludguevara Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2006   Digital Artist
nice point of view ... good work comrad
NosebleedBoy Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2005
Under fascism, the State owns the means of production. Heavy government regulation of the economy. Where do you get 'concentrated private control' anyway?
eldictator Featured By Owner May 17, 2005
im not a fan of communism ,but surely forcing democracy on countries that dont want it is wrong aswell?
kittiquin Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2005
... if you cut out massive investment/manufacture of arms and military equipment, you could be describing deviantart :|

picture isn't well made.
but what a good idea.
Squeaky-248 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2005
Hello this is Squeakys friend. so dont yell at him unless u want to talk to me lol i like the pic but i wnat to be a jerk and say ramble ramble ramble lol but yeah dont disgrace the nazi symbol by putting it on an American flag.
myeyesdarken Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004

im so tired of all this typical anti-prop everyone throws around these days. ever think to say something positive?
GWN Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2004   Writer
i think u didn't quite get the difference between the people who live in a country and the people who rule it.
BTW, i think this is poorly made. And pretty childish.

nevermind, just noticed u've been banned.
invisivel Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
Burn the capitalism Matrix !
Cut off the Bush's head !
konnie-chan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2004   Writer
It's truly amazing how some people still think the rest of the world hates america because they're envious. For god's sake, they kill, they rob, they control. For dictators, why is it no one mentions how AMERICANS put dictators in the latn american governments in the seventies because they were afraid of lefties? We have better education, free education, we can think and do as we please, we have money problems, because AMERICANS took part on a billionare robbery to our founds. And btw people, America is a continent, not a country.

You rock so so much. Thanks for posting this. By the way, no I'm not american, no I'm not even socialist (though not capitalist either) and yes, I hate the US as a concept but no, I don't hate americans. I just hate how a good 300 million people live ovblivious to their countrie's crimes and don't even vote but we have to let that son of a bush tell us what to do? We ALL vote, and that doesn't even guaranty democracy, how is it democracy for them?

zapdude Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
it doesnt happen everywhere m8, unless every single country is corrupt...
MNP Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2004
why is it that people think the nazi party was a facist party, the swaztika seriously isnt a facist symbol, if you recall history the nazi party allied with the facists, the italians, and another history lesson the nazi party was a socialist party, not as extreme as the communists but to the left none the less. oh and the nazi party only got into power because of the labourers.

and if your wondering im a Marxist, i just learn about the things i attack before i do.

good idea though keep it up

excuse the spelling <-tired
liavliora Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
Damn, you are so fucking right...
NosebleedBoy Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2003



...just, kidding...
Lu-teng Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2003
The flag before me shows Truth. I shows a reason to topple this Country, and replace it with the Kingdom of Kuu. Stand forth and rise, oh ye of great mind and no faith in the country, and let us create a new one! It is, after all, one of our many "Rights".
ColdIris Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2003
youdaloudmanindaback!!! nice one
ColdIris Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2003
youdaloudmanindaback!! Nice
Ajatasatru Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2003   Writer
"masterfilth" implies that the artist's anti-americanism must be because the artist if from Spain (ein auslander) -- from where he can't possibly hold valid and informed opinions about american malculture, etc.

illogical invalidation to avoid debate is, at best, disingenuous; at worst, it arises from blind, provincial ignorance of the rest of the world (in the western world, this is predominantly and amerikan disease).

then comes the trite and timeworn -- and wholly shallow disclaimer -- a preface to avoid any talk of imperfection, not to mention outright flaws and even criminal activity in our dominant institutions. it's most espoused by barking talk-radio hosts and the likes of bill o'reilly, et al.

"...although america is not perfect by far..."

true enough -- "not perfect BY FAR." but this catchphrase often implies or is followed by a sentiment that says "Hey, this is Amerika v. 6.0, and this is the best we can do." same thing you get when the topic turns to the tens of thousands of americans who'll die this year for lack of proper medical care -- " hey, it's the best we can do." a lame excuse preferred by our masters to ignore rampant oppression.

"it is prosperous..."
True enough, for only for those who can pay. Don Rumsfeld and his Bechtel buddies are certainly prospering along with Dick Cheney and his Halliburton fat-cats as they suck up the latest pile of blood money. most of us see little prosperity, and the wage-slave class has precious little time to enjoy the scaps thrown our way.

"and everyone always hates and envys what they want."

this is the old libertarian, now " neo-conservative" pap that all protest against our masters arises from envy of their riches. we don't want riches. we certainly don't want their ridiculous suits and pretentious automobiles. we would like some job security, however. we would love adequate health care without regard to our class or station. and we'd really like to have time with our families BEFORE 8pm rolls around. and we'd like our vacations to stop getting shorter or not be guilt-tripped for taking that rare time off.

the "everybody envies our prosperity argument" almost exclusively offers comparisons of the US to bedraggled third-world countries. "Yeah, Amerika has its problems, but look at those poor people in Ghana -- now stop complaining.

more faulty logic that falters on false premises -- the analogy can't stand. here's an elementary lesson, guys: compare 3W countries to like countries; compare western industrialized states to their counterparts. and that's when the "we have our problems, but..." assertion crumbles. damn few europeans are gripped by envy for the anachronistic "American Dream" or much of anything about America. especially if they drop by for a lengthy visit and see how all too many of us try to live. or not live.

"What they want - good economy, jobs, diversity, etc..."

Either this writer is at the top of the food chain, where's there's precious little room (found near the moral high ground where the air is thin and addles even sound consvervative minds) -- or, simply put, the writer is deluded, lying, watching too much Faux News, or perhaps is employed by the "Justice" Department. or, maybe he aspires to the ruling class.

"Ever been here?"

as if by coming here, and by sticking close to the tourist destinations, our traveling spaniard won't see the wretched refuse of our teeming shores, or see how the old Horatio Alger myth was long ago replaced by a corporate ruling class who imprison workers in cubicles, granting only the slightest of vacations, while providing the world's most threadbare insurance coverage -- if any. today's american worker is on the job more than at anytime in our history and it only gets worse. if you do drop in for visit to the latest version of the Amerikan empire, ask a wage-earning citizen about mental-health coverage -- oughtta be be good for a laugh. You'll hear that it's "too expensive" or "it's the best we can do." You'll hear the latter phrase a lot. besides, we like our mentally to grow up untreated so we can invest in massive, privately owned prison systems.

i DO live here and have so for all but five of these past 47 years. the five years in Deutschland showed me that our European neighbors have the civilization gig down and that governments CAN provide health care for all without resorting to despotism. Thanks to George W. Bush and the gaggle of oil-company exec who usurped the White House, we've got the highest unemployment rate in decades -- since the last coven of cheap-labor conservatives gave us hearty screwing. Indeed, the "good economy" in terms of jobs available and potential for recovery, is the worst since the Great Depression. Some 18,000 of us were killed by insurance companies last year when the less endowed among us had to either abandon or compromise treatment for life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. I've a dear relative who will soon succumb to a heart condition because she's exhausted here "benefits" and can no longer afford most of her medications. Not only have our jobs been sent across borders, but getting wholesale-price drugs from Canada will no longer be an option. I know ... I've heard all too often: "It's the best we can do."

Just read the definition of "fascism" in almost any dictionary. Our current regime solidly fits the bill: An unholy alliance 'twixt government and corporate interests is obscured by beating the drums of nationalism, as our former prosperity is stolen to extend the reach of empire.

I know -- we were taught to think like good little Americans, and pretend the foreign adventures were about liberating oppressed peoples ... the same political dope fed to the poor bastards in the USSR. Our current fascist regime has its lessons: no more single charismatic dictators (replace them with cartels and appropriate the lingo of democracy) and equate nationalism with "patriotism." They also traded in the jackboots and paramilitary attire (gave 'em to our cops) for three-piece tailored suits and briefcases. They also shed the swastika, the "Christian" cross and the stars n' stripes can well suffice. Keep the masses at work so they don't have time to READ the news (they'll have time for the simplified pap on cable-TV) and distract them with plenty of ridiculous arguments about abortion, school prayers, gawdy Ten Commandments monuments, gay marriages, bonehead movies stars seeking political office -- all the weapons of mass deception.

It's working pretty well. As for a visit, kind artist, do so at your own risk, remembering that nearly any amerikan without regard to their untreated mental illnesses (mad cowboy disease is prevalent) can pick up a gun posthaste at the nearest Wal-Mart (one per city section, two per suburb) -- and they love to play with them. And don't forget to bring a duffle-bag loaded with cash. We call this "health insurance."

"the best we can do."

fact is, it's not. we need only the courage of others who share that ideal. the same people who brought us the five-day work week, the eight-hour work day (now a relic), minimum wage, (despised by the corporate class) mandatory health coverage -- all despised by cheap-labor conservatives who only care about the unborn (Carlin: " If you're pre-born, you're okay; if you're pre-school, you're f***ked";) will never give up. they've got workers over a barrel, just where they want them.

Think about adding some flames to your pic. Otherwise, you've nailed it, by capturing the sorry essence of the American Empire.

May it fall.
weezil936 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2003
i love you.
truthfighter Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2003
well first i would like to say it a good work & actually i had this idea on my mind to draw the american flag on that way i has the right to put this idea on papers now,after u did that?!i dont think so:(
SECONDALY:well i agree with SCART we shouldnt act like a 5years kid & start to jump around when somebody mention something about our country es if this country were America...well u should belive that every act has a react..& so after what ur government did after all this dead bodies children women & oldmen in iraq sudan vitnam ......blah blah blah u should expect that there is some people that will reconize what is right & what is wrong !!what is the truth &what isnt!!!not only american but from allover the world!!& when we say WE HATE AMERICA we dont mean u normal people we know for sure that u dont has a lot on ur hands that u can do!!!we only mean ur fuckin government ...who asks for freedom then its goes straightly after that & fuck the same freedom that they where movin thier mouses to talk about it!!!& defend it....nobody can deny that the iraq war was only about oil & even merica supports israil!!!one of the ddemocratic coutries(well i am lughing now) that kills the a thouthends of chikdrens every month with an american weapons!!& let take about ur fake democrace for a min well what did ur goverment do against the people who stood against the war.....tell me or do u want me to tell u well ur government locked them for no reason or the only reason were not supportin the war....hahhah my ass is a democratic country too GODDAMN IT:(
scart Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2003
Why is it that the knee jerk response from some people is "You must be envious of me or my country?" That would seem to me to be the biggest cop out available and shows an unwillingness to even try to think. If someone makes a comment about me OR my country (Australia) I assume they have a reason for it, I don't jump around like a 10 year old child chanting "your just jealous". That would just be gutless.

Well done image, point taken.

garounoir Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2003
if you were from america i'd call you an ignorant child, but since your not, i'm just going to assume you are envious of our country. this is incorrect on so many levels...
31uc1d Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2003
we here in america are not trying to make ourselfs look better than the rest of you, we do not (normally =p (Razz) ) put down other countries. we help out in just about every fuckin war, and we feed the worlds economy by having the most travelers! explain to me why the world hates us? oh wait i know! because we are filthy fuckin rich! and do you know why we are rich? because we have a government that has never controlled us like the former governments of your countries. hate us if u want.. but remember, we do not try to impress, we are just that damn good
pyromanin Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2003
@31uc1d. look. yes, USA 'helps' in wars. but only when USA has some advantage of it, too. they also 'help' so much that many governments have no say in their own countries anymore.
look at the foreign politics of the US- not at the headlines which are made to sound nice, but at what this really means to the people- and then you'll understand why just about the whole world hates US foreign politics.
but this pic is not really about the foreign politics- but rather at how usa works inside. seeing that the average american has little clue what is going on in the world due to things like cencorship (yes, freedom of opinion and expression, just that some people are freeer to speak than others, and some opinions never make it to the public) it doesn't surprise me how you go on defending it.

@roofy great message :-) simple and to the point = very effective.

but i think you could have taken more time for the details. the blue of the US flag is a bit darker than the one you used, and you could have gone for a different font, and overall take some time for the composition.
31uc1d Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2003
first off i know what the foreign policies are like.. dont get me wrong.. and really i dont care... know why i dont care?!? cuz i cant do shit about it so dont bitch at me. when i turn 18 and i am able to vote, then by all means, u have the right to be getting angry with me. but as it is.. there is no validity to your response.
pyromanin Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
@ 31uc1d
sorry if you felt as if I was bitching at you as a person.
just because you can't yet vote, doesn't mean that you have to agree with or defend your government when sb critizies it. and this is what it seemed to me. sorry if i got something wrong there.
31uc1d Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2003
that is allright. i might have been to quick to get angry =p
anyways.. no hard feelings :)
nizack Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2003
I live in the USA...and that deviation is right fucking on.

Red white and blue = World domination.

Whats sad is that the American public wouldnt be satisfied with Emperor George Bush if he wasnt bombing little kids in countries that most of these imperialistic capitalistic fucks dont care about.

Keep cranking this shit out. This deviation is a favorite.
valone Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2003
I can't agree with you more, america is a properganda machine.

This is so simple yet so powerful, this definitely goes down in the +favlove
yokom Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2003
what is this crap. you believe the propoganda the rest of the world feeds you about america?

why dont you try being here, then lets see this from you.
masterfilth Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2003
Ashame youre from Spain and you think like that... :( (Sad)

Anywho, Im american and although america is not perfect by far,
it is prosperous, and everyone always hates and envys what they want.
What they want - good economy, jobs, diversity, etc...

Ever been here?
xamar Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2003
Great point, US despotism sucks...
frostblaze Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2003   Photographer
hell ya
i like it... lots
decline Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2003
Nice one. Clean, straight on - truth.
piccolo Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2003
It's sad to see that the uSA thinks it's something its not.
icefaerie Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2003
That's frighteningly familiar...

I agree though that it's the American reality and not dream.
0lga Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2003
This is all too true.. Where will we ever find a perfect utopia on this earth? Perhaps after the bomb...
roofy Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2003
usa = uusr......ummmm the ussr was never fascist...maybe under stalin...
Rogeraldo Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2006

Maybe Stalin was cruel, but he never was a fascist. He lead soviet troops from Moscow to Berlin in 1941-1945
autechre2002 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2003
You're right! USA = USSR
troigreen Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003
I'm Favoriting this...
asgaron Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003
Nice job!
sir-suckalot Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003   Photographer
Just read that George Bush got a law passed that the U.S. Government could control and remove information on the Internet..

Yes it does sound very familiar. and I think it's a point that people should think about. altough the U.S. want to give the impression of being a freedom loving country, I feel it's a nation built on fear.

kuwari Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003
That kicks ass...
And you have hit the point on the dot. It sounds so familiar, it's painful... Very cool, strict point.
skyskraper Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003   Photographer
You speak my language. I have long believed that America is not exactly a democratic country at all. It only passes as one now because of it's superior propaganda machine; the belief that the people still have control. Well done sir, I applaud your deeper sight.
zennumber9 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003   Photographer
That may be the American reality, but it's not the American dream.
needless Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003
As much as I hate to atmit it, thats a point worth making...
V-S-Arts Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003
Sound. .very very.. familiar ..
nice work.. wat ever need to said.. must say..
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